Wanna Be My Friend?

I’m into…

  • Baking :: cakes, pastries, and bread; especially sourdough.
  • Running :: trying to put down a respectable 10k time.
  • Longboarding :: i live on it every summer.
  • Music :: it wasn’t a phase, hit me with your best punk/emo/dubstep recs.
  • Makeup :: ever since i fell i’ve had to do my own wings.
  • Homelabbing :: who doesn’t build ci/cd pipelines for fun?
  • Bullet Journaling :: yes, i am one of those girls.
  • Volleyball :: i’m actually a pretty good setter.
  • Witchcraft :: less about the religion, more mindfulness with tarot and crystals.
  • Minecraft :: i must protect my bee friend

Need Someone To Collab?

My skillset is in…

  • Infra/SRE :: mostly on-prem deployments but working on AWS skillz.
  • Linux :: i know nothing of the Microsoft .NET side of the world.
  • Python :: by far my strongest programming language.

Trying to Tempt Me Away From $DAYJOB?

My interests are…

  • Startup-y :: love the culture compared to corporate jobs.
  • Scaling :: taking small thing to big thing gives all the serotonin.
  • Please Not Insurance :: i’ll do it but every tech job in the midwest is insurance.
  • Open Source :: actually goated; let me help the community use your stuff.